NHS updates guidance on COVID-19 treatments for those at highest risk (from March 2023)

The NHS website has updated information from March 2023 on Covid-19 treatments for those at highest risk. The key changes are:


• If you have MDS, CMML, or have undergone a stem cell transplant, you'll need to use a rapid lateral flow test issued by the NHS because PCR tests are no longer available.
• You then have to report your COVID-19 rapid lateral flow test result on GOV.UK   (Note - you can't report a result from a privately bought test on GOV.UK)
• If you were previously told that you're eligible for Covid treatments, the NHS should contact you automatically but, if that doesn't happen, you can contact your GP, 111, or hospital specialist for advice.
• It's also worth noting that the drug treatments currently available have changed due to recent evidence about the effectiveness of some previous treatments on the Omicron variant.

You can find more information on the NHS website

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