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This page is specifically for clinicians supporting patients with MDS, or those seeking information about MDS. From here you can order free printed materials for your patients or surgery, or just send us a message. All our materials and services are free for clinical professionals in the UK working with MDS patients.

Materials to order from us (posted to you)

MDS UK Patient Handbook (78 pgs)
MDS UK Patient Handbook (78 pgs)
MDS UK Patient leaflet
MDS UK Patient leaflet

Materials for printing

Factsheet - For GPs
MDS UK Factsheet - For GPs
Factsheet - Fatigue
MDS UK Factsheet - MDS & Fatigue
Factsheet - Clinical trials
MDS UK Factsheet - MDS & Clinical trials
Factsheet - Nutrition
MDS UK Factsheet - MDS & Nutrition
MDS & Travel Insurance
MDS UK Factsheet - MDS & Travel Insurance
MDS Poster

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