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This page is specifically for clinicians supporting patients with MDS or CMML, or those seeking information about MDS or CMML. Click the orange button below to order these materials for your patients or surgery, or to send us a message. All our materials and services are free for clinical professionals in the UK working with MDS patients.

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MDS Guide

A downloadable comprehensive MDS Guide for patients (available as a printed copy to order below) which describes the various types of MDS, diagnosis, and treatment. This guide also includes the expected prognosis of the MDS subtypes, and how to cope with the emotional impact of MDS.

Co-written by the MDS UK Patient Support Group and Leukaemia Care, this guide is a brand new edition (April 2024).

Patient Information booklet - A5

An A5 booklet (8pgs) that provides an overview of the information and support we offer at MDS UK.

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