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COVID-19 vaccines and MDS: Approvals and Advice – Updated 28/11/21

Please read the official information from NHS England: People who are severely immunosuppressed can book their third COVID jab online from today, as the NHS national booking system opens up to more people. In line with Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) guidance, those who are classed as severely immunosuppressed as a result of treatment, for […]

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Blood Cancer: The Forgotten Fifth

Blood cancer patients are less likely to see their needs fully met than patients with the four most common cancers – breast, colorectal, lung and prostate. The blood cancer community, via the umbrella group Blood Cancer Alliance, has launched an important new campaign, called the Forgotten Fifth, pointing out that blood cancer is just as […]

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Managing MDS in the wake of a global pandemic

This article was first published on the MDS Foundation Fall/Winter 2021 Newsletter. Many thanks to our colleagues from the MDS Foundation. Important: The article below is destined to an American audience, and it lists some drugs and trials only available in the USA. Patients in the UK – please bare that in mind when reading. […]

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Deferasirox (Exjade) access in MDS – Myelodysplastic Syndromes Overview of a UK wide postcode lottery – 2015 to 2021

Deferasirox is only licensed second line for the treatment of chronic iron overload despite real-world experience showing that deferasirox is better tolerated and its compliance is far superior than first line treatment. This has badly affected many MDS patients as some pockets of the UK still will not grant funding to this drug, effectively creating […]

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Ask your MP to do more to support blood cancer patients

The UK’s blood cancer patient community are clinically extremely vulnerable to COVID-19. Several studies showed that about 60% of blood cancer patients failed to develop effective antibodies for an immune response to the virus after their second jab. The growing spread of the virus is causing concern and fear within blood cancer patients and it […]

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How do COVID-19 vaccines work? Watch these animations!

A global vaccination drive against Covid-19 is underway, with governments, scientific experts, epidemiologists, and voluntary organisations all trying to get as many people immunised as possible. However, vaccine-hesitancy is still being noted among many people. So, the makers of the hit animated series Family Guy have produced a public service announcement and raise awareness about […]

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Repair MDS: A new approach to treat lower-risk MDS patients

Research FOR Patients -For an informed and empowered opinion- Have you made your clinical paper accessible yet? Called REPAIR-MDS (Repurposed drugs to improve haematological responses in Myelodysplastic Syndrome), the trial will test a number of treatments designed to improve the formation of healthy blood cells, reducing or reversing life-limiting deficiencies in red blood cells. The project is a national […]

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MDS patients after COVID-19 restrictions lifting: “I only see the risk getting greater with rising cases and people being less cautious”

The results of the SOAP study have now been published. They show that most MDS patients have developed either antibodies or T-Cell response to COVID-19, as a result of having been vaccinated. However, their protection against the virus  is not as strong as for healthy individuals. Learn more about the SOAP study results: How effective […]

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