As part of the Community Matters project, each month every Waitrose branch donates £1,000 between three local good causes that their customers choose.

At the checkout, shoppers receive a token which they put in the box of the good cause they’d most like to support. The more tokens a cause gets, the bigger the donation they receive.

We encourage MDS UK supporters to ask their local Waitrose to feature us.
All you need to do is contact your local Waitrose branch and ask them to include MDS UK in their Community Matters scheme.

Included below are:
- Brief document to help explain MDS and our work: Download What is MDS
- Full template letter you can adapt to write to your local Waitrose: Download Letter to Waitrose

They will set up a green coin box – with the brief MDS UK description above – and then shoppers just vote with their coins to say who (out of 3 charities displayed) which one gets the Community Matters funds the most.
Could not be easier – and we will aim to spend the funds for local groups!

Several Waitrose branches are now offering the token scheme for MDS UK:

Bayswater, Leigh-on-Sea, Brent Cross.

Thank you to all of them – this is an amazing way to raise awareness of MDS – as well as much needed funds.

Leigh-on-Sea Waitrose

Pauline Hammond, Leigh-on-Sea resident and MDS patient accepted the donation on behalf of MDS UK.

We thank all staff at Waitrose Leigh-on-Sea branch – especially Karen Green, who is in charge of the Community Matters scheme there (May 2013).

Another generous donation of £411 was made to MDS UK by the Leigh-on-sea branch in December 2014.

The cheque was handed to Chris Dugmore, one the MDS UK Committee members.




Bayswater Waitrose

For the fourth year running, Waitrose Bayswater has donated money to MDS UK – via the Community Matters scheme. We received a very generous £384 in 2012, £500 in August 2013, another superb £500 in April 2014 and a further donation of £400 in December 2014.

We thank all the staff – and especially Imdirani Kidnapli – in charge of the scheme in Bayswater. Staff member Richard Pearce is seen here in 2013, handing over the cheque to MDS UK Committee Member Joanne Anderson.

Brent Cross Waitrose

Brent Cross Waitrose collected a very generous £500 for MDS UK in July 2013 – under the watchful eye of Sharon Berger’s grand-son and his dad Jonni.

Thank you to all shoppers and staff there – and for the Berger family for instigating the request in their local Waitrose!

We also thank all customers who have voted with their green coins for our charity.
This is wonderful support from Community Matters and all Waitrose shoppers.

A massive thank you to you all !

Free donations by shopping