Prof. Mufti explains MDS, its causes, progression, diagnosis & treatment

Watch Prof Mufti's Video on MDS

In this video Prof Mufti, from King's College Hospital, gives a detailed explanation of MDS, discusses causes, progression, diagnosis and treatment of MDS.  He also talks about the challenge of managing MDS and how awareness of the condition has improved - but more still needs to be done.

Professor Ghulam Mufti, Head of the department of Haematology at King's College Hospital in London,  is one of the main international specialists on MDS.

His particular area of research is DNA mutations in MDS and AML and finding new therapies that include gene and cell based treatments for Myelodysplastic Syndromes.  He has published more than 400 articles in scientific journals and chapters in textbooks on leukaemias and MDS. 

We are proud to have Prof Mufti as one of MDS UK Patient Support Group patrons.

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