How can Big Data help to treat blood cancer? The Harmony Alliance

Blood cancers such as MDS and Leukemia have an impact on the production and function of blood cells.

Developing and optimizing treatments for these life-threatening diseases, many of them rare, can be a complicated process.

Collecting and harmonizing high-quality data on outcomes of existing treatments is crucial, but often hampered by lack of data as well as variations in health care practice throughout Europe, presenting a challenge to clinicians.

The Harmony Alliance is a European network of excellence consisting of over 80 public-private organizations working together to collect data from all over Europe and from as many patients with blood cancers as possible.

The data is "harmonised" and assembled in one harmonized Big Data Platform. The Harmony Big Data Platform allows big data analysis, which aims at improving the understanding of these rare conditions and shortening the process for the development of new drugs and treatment approaches.

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