UK MDS Forum Education Day 2021

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UK MDS Forum Education Day 2021

This report is written by Chris Dugmore and Claudia Richards who attended the UK MDS Forum event virtually.

Having attended in person in previous years, and the event being cancelled last year, the offer of a Covid-secure attendance was very appealing! We were able to put questions to the presenters via a Q&A Chat facility. We both enjoyed the day and were impressed by the professional presentation of this hybrid event.

As ever, we left with our heads full of acronyms and bunches of letters and numbers representing the vast and ever-growing array of genetic mutations which are now known to have huge significance for people with MDS. We hope we have managed to capture the key themes from the day.

The notes from the Education Day, which can be downloaded here have been checked for accuracy by the individual presenters.

We hope you will find them both interesting and accessible.

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