TV programme on rare diseases

TigressProdblackTigress Productions looking for volunteers for programme on rare diseases – 28/05/15

We have been contacted by a TV production company – Tigress Productions – who are looking for patients with a rare disorder – and had problems getting diagnosed.
MDS would be ideally suited for this, as many patients often take a while to be diagnosed, despite odd blood results or symptoms.
If you are interested in taking part, and would be willing to talk about your diagnosis experience on camera, please get in touch with the production team.
They are looking for up to 3 people for this documentary.

Here are further details about the programme:

Tigress Productions has just started to produce a new six part series for a terrestrial broadcaster with the working title ‘Medical Mysteries’.  Each programme will follow the personal journeys of people who have suffered from or are in the process of trying to diagnose/treat a medical mystery.

The aim of the series is to raise awareness about lesser known ailments, showcase revolutionary new treatments, and also show our audience in detail how the diagnosis process works – often patients are left wondering why their GP has taken a certain course of action; rare conditions offer us the opportunity to follow a doctor thought process from beginning to end.

The mystery doesn’t have to be that mysterious – it just has to pose a specialist with a number of options in terms of finding a diagnosis.  A key aspect of this programme will be the detective story – how a consultant or GP have interpreted the symptoms, the tests that they have chosen and why.

Tigress Productions would like to speak to people with medical mystery experiences for a new TV documentary series.

Please call 0117 933 5654/ 0117 933 5609

or email  for more information

A bit about us; Tigress Productions, part of the Endemol Group, are producers of inserts of The One Show (BBC1) and other shows as Winter Viruses and How To Beat Them (BBC2) and Africa 2013: Countdown to the Rains (BBC2).

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