Times Article Featuring MDS

MDS UK is featured in the Times Newspaper !

Click here to read the news article on rare diseases featuring MDS UK – and the issues faced by small organisations representing rare diseases and rare cancers – including problems about access to treatment, clinical trials, funding generally and low awareness amongst the general public, patients and GP’s.

This article was published in the Times Tuesday July 10th, 2012.

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Also featured in the article are – Myeloma UK, Cancer Research UK, Rarer Cancers Foundation, GIST, Cancer52 – and many more are listed.

Cancer52 helped to set up this interview – this organisation got its name because 52 per cent (recent statistics show an increase to 53%) of UK cancer deaths are from the less common cancers.
Despite this, the less common cancers remain severely under represented and under-funded across all areas, including policy, services and research.
Cancer52 is an alliance of more than 50 organisations working to address this inequality and improve outcomes for patients with these highly challenging diseases.  MDS UK is a member of Cancer52.






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