SMART Qualifications SMART Classes

SMART Qualifications Team and SMART Classes came together to raise funds for three charities that are close to their hearts and MDS UK Patient Support Group is one of them!

Throughout 2019 they will be fund raising holding events where we all can be involved. The monies raised will be split equally between all three charities at the end of the year.


SMART Qualifications Team are a training provider for the fitness industry so they wanted to make their fundraising something about keeping on the move so they are virtually going to go around the world walking, running, cycling, swimming, stepping, boxing, whatever our activity of choice!

Their learners, participants and staff are going to record their steps and see if we can travel the 24,901 miles (40,075 kms) around the world, that's nearly 50 million steps!

They will also be doing a variety of activities over the year to raise money including some physical challenges including double ups, a plank challenge, press-ups in a minute etc. as well as walking around the world.

They are now a quarter of the way in to their virtual walk around the world challenge and most participants are on schedule to walk their chosen country and more besides.

Smart Qualifications are not only fundraising for MDS UK Patient Support Group, but also doing an incredible job at raising awareness of the disease:

Read their Charity Fundraising Page on why they have chosen MDS UK

For us, as a small charity, it is a dream to get such a generous institution to fundraise for us. We are extremely grateful to Smart Qualifications for thinking of us.

All the money raised will go to ensure that all patients and families receive the attention and information they need during those particularly difficult times – straight after diagnosis, at treatment changes, time of transplant or progression of the condition.

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