Shingles vaccine: now available from age 50 for the immunocompromised

Shingrax Shingles vaccine for the immunocompromised 2024


The shingles vaccine is now available for those aged 50 and over with a suppressed immune system - which includes those with MDS and CMML. Your GP surgery will usually contact you when you become eligible but speak to your GP if you haven't yet been contacted.


What is the Shingles vaccine for?

The NHS website states

Shingles is a common condition that causes a painful rash. It can sometimes lead to serious problems such as long-lasting pain, hearing loss or blindness. You're more likely to get shingles, and it's more likely to cause serious problems, as you get older or if you have a severely weakened immune system.

The shingles vaccine helps:

•reduce your chances of getting shingles

•reduce your chances of getting serious problems if you do get shingles

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Shingrix non-live vaccine

People with weakened immunity receive the non-live vaccine, Shingrix, which involves two doses given 8 weeks to 6 months apart. For more information see Shingrix vaccine patient leaflet (Electronic Medicines Compendium website; PDF only, 136kb)


You can get shingles more than once, so it's important to get vaccinated even if you've had it before. Don’t delay. If you are eligible, try to have your vaccine as soon as possible.

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