Would you like to see an MDS Specialist?

The UK MDS Forum is a UK specialist group of haematologist, which works extensively with other MDS experts worldwide. Its haematologists are MDS experts and have extensive experience treating MDS patients. They can work with your local haematologist to offer you the best possible care and advice.

Under NHS rules, you are free to seek a referral to the hospital of your choice.

To get a referral, please just ask your GP or your haematologist to refer you. You will receive an appointment in the post as soon as possible.

If you'd like more information please contact us info@mdspatientsupport.org.uk or call 020 7733 7558

How can you access this service?

MDS is a rarer disease, and often requires an MDS expert to evaluate the exact sub-type of MDS, or explore and discuss additional treatment options, including clinical trials.

Your haematologist, or GP, needs to refer via the traditional referral system.

An appointment will be arranged after receipt of a formal referral from either the GP or local haematologist, which should contain as much detail as possible, specifically results of bone marrow tests and details of treatment, if relevant.

The online clinical consultations with Prof Bowen are no longer available unfortunately.
The patients who took advantage of this service were extremely satisfied, but the general uptake amongst patients was not as high as initially hoped.
Should such a service be made available again, via Leeds, or elsewhere – we will of course let everyone know.

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