Press articles about CML patient being denied access by NICE to drug he needs

This CML (Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia) patient is facing similar issues as our MDS patients with azacitidine, as NICE’s preliminary decision is NOT TO recommend 2 drugs that can treat this condition.

NHS refusal to give me drugs is death sentence – This is London – here

Cancer sufferer Jed Alexander fights for lifesaving drugs – The Guardian – here

For MDS and azacitidine – we are currently awaiting NICE’s decision whether to recommend the drug or not for NHS patients.
The 3rd hearing has taken place yesterday, 7th Jan 2010.
We should have the result of this decision in about 2 weeks time.

If you have been denied access to azacitidine recently, please contact us

Please also sign our petition, requesting azacitidine to be made available on the NHS.
We need as many signatures as possible!
Please ask your friends, families, colleagues to sign as well: here

Thank you

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