‘Navigating a post-pandemic world: A guide for immunocompromised blood cancer patients’

Navigating a post-pandemic world - a guide for immunocompromised blood cancer patients, from ICBCC (International Covid-19 Blood Cancer Coalition)

The International Covid-19 Blood Cancer Coalition (ICBCC) has made a major contribution in supporting immunocompromised blood cancer patients by publishing a downloadable patient booklet called "Navigating a Post-Pandemic World: A Guide for Immunocompromised Blood Cancer Patients" in 2024.

Despite the decreasing significance of Covid-19 for the general population, people with weakened immune systems, (such as patients diagnosed with MDS & CMML), continue to face elevated risks. This ongoing vulnerability can profoundly impact their daily lives.

According to the ICBCC website, the booklet aims to

"help you live a better quality of life and empower you when making decisions. Ultimately, the booklet will help immunocompromised blood cancer patients navigate and manage the risks arising from the combination of a compromised immune system and possible COVID-19 infection. The recommendations may also be applicable to other types of infection."

Download the booklet (click on the image or the red link below)

The booklet covers:

  • Managing risk
  • Improving outcomes: Act proactively
  • Staying vigilant and recognising the symptoms
  • Psychological support and well being
  • Accessing support services and reliable sources of information

More about The International Covid-19 Blood Cancer coalition (ICBCC)

International COVID-19 Blood Cancer Coalition (ICBCC) is a multi-stakeholder coalition consisting of representatives from the global patient advocacy and clinical community to address the specific impact of COVID-19 on immunocompromised blood cancer patients (both acute and chronic). For more see the ICBCC website.

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