Peter – Volunteer

Coinciding with a hiatus in my working life, I have been volunteering at the Patient Support Group for about 18 months. This has primarily involved sending out Patient Packs, logging the donations from all our generous supporters, and irritating Sophie with my bad jokes. I am delighted to welcome Monika since, as well as the great benefit this will bring to the survey project, it means I have a fresh audience…

Joking aside, it has been very rewarding to spend this time doing something so worthwhile. I am still surprised by the sheer volume of work that is required to keep even a small charity both running and developing.

For the purpose of completeness I should mention that I also spent many years working in large multinationals, focusing on risk analysis and process improvement. I am currently working on a portfolio of creative writing projects. These are mostly fiction (humorous) but also include two non-fiction books: one on the application of logic / critical thinking in daily life, and the other on the psychology of overcoming adversity. In my spare time I practice Chi Kung, and am learning Swedish.

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