Patient Survey – participants needed

Participants needed for a survey regarding issues of access to medicines.

This survey is being conducted by a researcher at LSE – London School of Economics – as part of a study looking at problems patients have in accessing their medicines.

Please will you help by completing the survey if you are a patient?

The link to the survey is:
(you may need to cut and paste this link)

Here is also the official introduction to the survey:

This survey is about patient access to branded medicines in the European Union. Patients in the European Union may face difficulty when trying to access both branded and generic medicines. We want to understand the types of barriers patients have faced in the recent past and how these barriers have impacted (or are likely to impact) access to medicines and quality of care. Understanding these barriers will help further research and policy to improve access to medicines. Demographic information is only used to describe the types of individuals completing this survey. Your responses are confidential. By taking part in the survey, you voluntarily consent to be a participant in this study and to answer the following questionnaire to the best of your ability. If you would like to see any other information about the Access Survey, please browse the European Patient Research Network website (

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