MDS World Awareness Day

Monday 25th October

MDS UK and MDS patient groups all over the world mark the 25th October as MDS World Awareness Day.

World Awareness Day 2021: LEARN YOUR TYPE!

This year we've asked you to tell us, or send us an email about your type of MDS:

  • Do you know your type? How did you find out about it? Were you told of your sub-type at diagnosis?
  • Was it difficult or easy for you to understand what it means?
  • Have you met other patients who share the same type? Have you found it beneficial?
  • Tell us how you met other people with same type through MDS UK

Thanks to your contributions we could put a face against each type of MDS and show how important it is for every patient to be aware of their type and subtype.

Read the patient stories we've collected, along with some great animations explaining more about each MDS type, created by our colleagues at the MDS Alliance >

The MDS Alliance produced as well a series of graphics to illustrate the different types, and patients from all around the world shared them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on World Awareness Day to raise awareness of the disease.

In the UK, a third of the patients who contact us do not know their sub-type

We think this proportion is even higher in patients who do not access a support group

MDS World Awareness Day: Highlights of previous years

On the 25th of October 2020 we took part in the MDS Alliance campaign "Faces of MDS".

MDS from all over the world posted self-portraits and selfies with MDS facts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

You can find some of the portraits we posted here >

MDS World Awareness Day POEMS

MDS Awareness Day was marked in 2019 by using poetry to describe the many issues faced by patients and their families.

MDS can affect you in different ways – some obvious, some much less so. Some hit you in ways you could not ever imagine. The plain physical symptoms can be fairly easy to talk about. The deep fatigue experienced by many, however, is harder to explain and patients struggle with the loss of independence it creates.

The emotional issues are the hardest to broach. People can’t even start to talk about it, or don’t know how. This is why, it is sometimes easier to express these difficult feelings in poetry – as an outlet, which everyone can identify with, and may help them express their own emotions.

Read all the poems here >

MDS World Awareness Day RADIO TAKEOVER!

On October 25 2018 we raised public awareness of myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) and its symptoms on local and national radio:

  • 11 interviews!
  • 130 minutes of airtime
  • We reached 1.78m people

Listen to all the interviews here! >

MDS World Awareness Day FLASHMOB!

We surprised people in London on 25th Oct 2017 with a flashmob.

A cheerful bunch from the Bearcat Running Club stormed the Cabbage Patch Pub in Twickenham and started dancing to the tune of Gloria Gaynor "I am what I am"!! We wore our MDS t-shirts with pride and raised awareness of MDS!

Watch the fabulous video here >

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