MDS World Awareness Day

MDS World Awareness Day 2019: HERE TO HELP!

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MDS World Awareness Day Poems

MDS UK Patients’ Poems on MDS World Awareness Day

The 25th of October is MDS World Awareness Day Throughout the day, MDS UK and the international umbrella organisation MDS...
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MDS UK Patients’ Poems on MDS World Awareness Day

MDS Awareness Day is being marked this year by using poetry to describe the many issues faced by patients and their families.

MDS can affect you in different ways – some obvious, some much less so. Some hit you in ways you could not ever imagine. The plain physical symptoms can be fairly easy to talk about. The deep fatigue experienced by many, however, is harder to explain and patients struggle with the loss of independence it creates.

The emotional issues are the hardest to broach. People can’t even start to talk about it, or don’t know how. This is why, it is sometimes easier to express these difficult feelings in poetry – as an outlet, which everyone can identify with, and may help them express their own emotions.

Throughout September, Blood Cancer Awareness Month, we started collecting poems, and featuring the wonderful work of KateD, now our official MDS poet. Kate, an MDS patient herself, has written numerous poems about her thoughts, life, emotions and also other people’s experiences of MDS.

Help us mark the day by sharing this poetry widely. We hope to reach new audiences this way, to make more people aware of this rarer blood cancer. 

The day will also be marked in several locations in the UK – with some events bringing together people affected by MDS

On MDS Awareness Day 2019, we will reveal a new, very special international MDS poem, Kate created with input from many of the international MDS patient organisations around the world!

MDS Fundraising Events

Very first meeting of our new Kent Local Group on the 14th of October

Southampton Region MDS Support Group Meeting 23/10/19

Wednesday 25th October

MDS UK and MDS patient groups all over the world mark the 25th October as MDS World Awareness Day.

MDS World Awareness Day 2018

On October 25 we raised public awareness of myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) and its symptoms on local and national radio:

  • 11 interviews
  • 130 minutes of airtime
  • We reached 1.78m people

Listen to all the interviews here!

MDS World Awareness Day 2016

We surprised people in London on 25th Oct with a flashmob

A happy bunch gathered around Harrods and danced to the song I am what I am by Gloria Gaynor. We wore our MDS t-shirts with pride and raised awareness of MDS!

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