Diversity Statement

We believe in a world of opportunity and inclusion

MDS UK believes in a world of opportunity and inclusion where everyone is able to thrive in every aspect of their lives. We aim to make that happen throughout our organisation and our networks. We want every part of MDS UK to be a place where everyone feels accepted, respected, valued, and heard - whether they are staff, volunteers, supporters or the people we assist.

There is no place for racism in our charity. We will not tolerate racial discrimination from our members, staff, volunteers or fundraisers. We invite anyone who has experienced or witnessed discrimination within MDS UK to flag this up in confidence, and we promise to investigate and take appropriate action.

As a charity committed to ensure everyone has access to the best quality of life possible, we cannot be silent about inequality, racial or otherwise. From our surveys and meetings, we know how much our members with MDS and their families value good Quality of Life (QoL), often over and above quantity of life, in the current absence of a cure for all MDS patients.

MDS Specialists and Centres of Excellence

Similarly, patients facing a stem cell transplant need an equal chance and opportunity to find a suitable donor match for them. However, the situation is not equal for all, as people from ethnic minorities struggle to find a suitable match, due to a lack of donors.

Our charity, our industry and our society needs to resolve these situations and these issues. MDS UK believes that having an environment where everyone, from any background, can do their best is the absolute right thing to do. We aim to continue to operate a charity that is happily diverse in terms of age, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, ethnicity and citizenship.

We want all of our employees, partners, volunteers, remote workers, committee members, fundraisers and patients to feel valued, appreciated, and free to be who they are when dealing with MDS UK, without fear of discrimination or judgement.

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