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About MDS UK Patient Support Group

MDS UK Patient Support Group is a charity born in 2008 to raise awareness of MDS, offer support and information to patients and families and campaign to increase the quality of life and make treatments available to those affected by Myelodysplastic Syndromes.

Our contact details

Telephone: 020 7733 7558
Email: info@mdspatientsupport.org.uk
Address: Haematology - Bessemer Wing, King's College Hospital, Denmark Hill, London, SE5 9RS
Charity Commission details: Registered Charity no. 1145214

If you have MDS, or someone in your family has MDS, you're in the right place for expert advice

"To know that there is a support network to help my mum gives me great strength"

"Meeting other MDS patients and sharing experiences with them has made a great difference to the way in which I deal with my own MDS"

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How we support MDS patients:

Patron Caitlin Limmer – aims and aspirations for MDS UK

Statutory Accounts

Our statutory accounts are published every year on the Charity Commission Website

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MDS UK are very proud to operate a charity that is happily diverse in terms of age, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, ethnicity and citizenship.

We believe that having an environment where everyone, from any background, can do their best is the absolute right thing to do.

We want all of our employees, partners, volunteers, remote workers, committee members, fundraisers and patients to feel valued, appreciated, and free to be who they are when dealing with MDS UK.

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To join please call us 020 7733 7558 or email us and give us your full address.

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