Newsletter 5 is out!

NEWSLETTER 5 – June 2014

We have just finalised our 5th edition of our MDS UK Newsletter.

It is a bumper issue – with 16 pages – as we had a lot of information and news to cover.
In the past, we had editions of 8 and 12 pages.
We would appreciate your comments and feedback, in order to keep improving our newsletter for you, our readers.
Also let us know what else you’d like to read about – or if you’d like us to feature more – or less – of certain topics.

As ever – all registered members of MDS UK will receive a paper copy sent to their home address by the end of June.
If you have not received yours by the 1st July – please call or email us, so we can check your registration details.

All hospitals will also receive a stock of newsletters.
If your hospital is not registered with us, please contact us – and we’ll mail you all relevant information.

Patients and families – if you can’t see our leaflets and newsletters in your hospital – please ask staff to contact us – or let us know – we’ll send stocks of material to your hospital.




June 2014

Our fifth edition of the MDS UK Newsletter is now out. Click the image to download.


Previous editions of our newsletters and how to order them for hospitals can be found here:


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