Regional Patient Groups – in association with Leukaemia Care

Regional Group Meetings, by Leukaemia Care

Leukaemia CARE is a national blood cancer support charity. It provides vital advice and information to anyone affected by a diagnosis of blood cancer: Leukaemia Care Website

Our organisations are mutually beneficial and complementary.

On the link below you’ll be able to find some regional groups offered by our colleagues of Leukaemia Care:

Leukaemia Care: Find a Support Group

Important Note:  The Leukaemia Care groups are open to all types of malignant haematology/blood cancer patients – not just MDS – so please don’t be surprised to meet patients with other types of blood disorders.

Many blood cancer patients will have several issues and symptoms in common – and you will therefore benefit from talking to one another.

Typical issues will be: blood transfusions, fatigue, iron chelation, emotional burden and unpredictability of the disease, weakened immune system and infections, bone marrow transplants and many more probably.

Find an MDS UK Patient Support Group Meeting

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