Spotted in London this morning: a mysterious figure raising awareness of MDS & blood cancer

Mystery red figure in London Train

Mystery figure spotted next to a surprised Londoner on the train

Exclusive photos given anonymously to MDS UK have captured the moment a mysterious red creature seemed to walk on the streets of London raising awareness of MDS on Blood Cancer Awareness Month.

In one the photos, the red figure appears reading the newspaper on the train, while next to it a surprised Londoner makes desperate attempts to ignore it by looking at her phone.

Red figure and passersby at London during Blood Cancer Awareness Month

Passersby Amused!

Passersby on the train station appeared amused by the creature and were not afraid of sharing a ride on the escalators with the seemingly supernatural being.

In many images, the red figure can be seen displaying a sign attracting attention to MDS UK Patient Support Group!

Taxi drivers and tourists at London main attractions were today reminded by the outlandish creature that September is Blood Cancer Awareness Month, and many people next to them may suffer from this “invisible” disease.

Red figure in London during Blood Cancer Awareness Month

Have you seen the red mystery figure?

According to members of the charity, the supernatural being has done an amazing job at raising awareness of MDS.

The CEO of MDS UK, Sophie Wintrich, said: "We are looking for the mystery red figure to thank it immensely on behalf of MDS patients and their families."

Online users have however questioned whether the photos are real or not.

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