Monika Janosik – Project Worker

Monika Janosik is a recent BSc Psychology graduate. She completed her degree at the University of Westminster in 2013. Throughout her studies which included a year out at the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London, she developed excellent attention to detail and research skills. Her skills together with general psychological knowledge and experience of working with people experiencing various mental health difficulties has prepared her to be successful as a Project Worker at MDS UK.

Monika’s main role is to resume the work on the Patient Survey: “UK MDS Patients – Assessing the Needs for Support”, which unfortunately had to be put on hold following the leave of the previous Project Worker at the end of 2012. The survey is not only a vital project for improving the services that MDS UK offers, but also has the potential to influence the provision and quality of care services provided to MDS patients.

In conjunction with the survey work, Monika is also responsible for liaising with hospitals to increase the number of the clinical contacts who assist in distributing our leaflets and newsletters across the country.

Last but not least her responsibilities include helping to run the office, manage patient events and distribution of information in order to improve the services offered by MDS UK.

Working for MDS UK offered Monika an opportunity to deal with the issues which she finds most compelling, namely the research concerning improving quality of life of people suffering from long-term illness. Monika also has a keen interest in the area of health psychology, counselling and patient-doctor communication and is committed to providing a high standard of service and support to those affected by MDS.



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