Tilly started her career in education teaching maths with a focus on special educational needs. Since finding a love for business and commercial operations, she has since moved into the technology sector.

After a personal experience with MDS, chemotherapy and stem cell transplant, Tilly sought to work with the charity to utilise her skills and experience to help increase engagement and awareness of the condition and the treatments.

She is working with the group to drive knowledge and awareness of the charity’s work across digital platforms and utilise digital channels with the aim of increasing engagement and accessibility.

Tilly Tilbrook

Through her journey she noticed some of the issues in the knowledge and support available for people of a younger age who are affected by MDS and worked with numerous groups to increase donors on the register and spread local knowledge and awareness of the condition.

Although MDS is rarer in younger age groups and diagnosis can be harder, the complications and needs can vary in a younger age group. Tilly is working to develop support and signposting that is more inclusive for a wider age range.

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