Kes Grant has been one of the original members of the very first MDS UK patient group, back in 2006 – together with Fiona Pirilla. She stepped down from that role in 2007 – due to work commitments.

Since 2014, she started helping out informally on a number of events – be it giving talks, fundraisers, mentoring, patient groups or recently writing a patient focused articles in a medical journal on our behalf.

Reverend Kes Grant

Kes Grant is therefore already known to the majority of our committee members and certainly many MDS patients. She is a frequent and popular contributor on our MDS Community Facebook page.

Kes is an extremely valuable contributor to the work we do, very helpful, has excellent writing, blogging, facebook and twitter skills.

She is also well respected amongst the MDS clinicians she meets. She has undergone a stem cell transplant in October 2016.

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