Our wonderful and ever helpful webmasters. We cannot recommend them highly enough, for their excellent work – but also their very genuine care for our organisation and services – and their very friendly personalities. A constant pleasure to work with all of them.
Mariano Marey and Eduardo Silva from Open e-commerce re-built our website in 2014 using WordPress – to enable us to have control over the website.
Manuela Rotstein joined in March 2016 to improve the organisation of information content – and take care of all uploads to our very busy and active site.
In addition, Manuela took over the work of building up the MDS Alliance website, based on the excellent work with MDS UK www.mds-alliance.org
Mariano assists with the UK MDS Forum website – the MDS expert’s website – also based on brilliant work with MDS UK www.ukmdsforum.org

In March 2022 we were sad to say farewell to Manuela who moved to a full time post in another charity. Manuela did so much fantastic work on the website and for MDS as a whole and we wish her all the best in her new job.

To replace Manuela we're delighted to welcome Kate Vahl, a freelance web editor who joined us in May 2022. Kate will be continuing  maintaining, uploading and developing our active site.

A great team!

Mariano Marey

Manuela Rotstein

Kate Vahl

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