Chaudian Morgan

Hi! I’m Chaudian - the “behind-the-scenes” person.

Here at MDS I am responsible for keeping admin things together and ensuring membership is sorted and happy to assist members with any aspects of their membership, or access to the chat forum. 

I enjoy trying to find more efficient ways of working and helping my colleagues work smoother – times have changed so this is necessary!

Oaty, Chaudian's Cat

I have worked in both the public and private healthcare sector, in care assistant, administrative, supervisory and corporate roles and joined the charity to add value with my experience.

I thoroughly enjoy reading and find the subconscious mind very interesting. I also enjoy documentaries, interviews, art and old lectures – currently I’m very much into Neville Goddard.

I tend to wake up very early but go to bed very, very late – I’m working on that this year! I also have a greedy mischievous kitten called Oaty who likes laptops and Zoom meetings, but loves his snacks (plus mine) and cuddles more.

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