Caitlin Limmer - Patron

Caitlin Limmer has been a huge supporter of the MDS Patient Support Group for many years through her own close personal links with Myelodysplastic Syndrome.

Caitlin is the Race Director of Twickenham's famous Cabbage Patch 10 Race and The Turks Head 10k. She is the Founder of The Bearcat Running Club and has taught hundreds of people to improve their lives through running.

In 2015 she was awarded a Points of Light award by David Cameron and in 2014 a Richmond Council Community award – both for her contribution to sport and her awareness raising of Myelodysplastic Syndrome.

The Force of the Limmer

Caitlin has spent many years raising awareness and money for our charity through various means: running 17 marathons, one of which was as an 8 ft beer bottle; swimming 14km in the Thames; getting donations of cheek swabs at any event she organises; regularly standing in the doorway of Tesco supermarket; using her running events to raise money for MDS UK, plus many other inventive ways.

Caitlin hopes that by being a Patron she will help to make MDS well known enough that people do not have to ask you what it is. She hopes to be able to attend and speak publically at events that educate audiences about MDS and to encourage people as to how they can help.

She hopes to continue to promote getting the general public to give cheek swabs, as well to raise funds and encourage more people to get involved in raising money to support patients and research through events such as The London Marathon, The Prudential Bike Ride, and The Serpentine Swim etc.

Caitlin sees her role of Patron as dropping a huge pebble in the MDS pond and causing a lot of positive ripples that help patients, doctors and researchers.

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