MDS World Awareness Day – 25th October


                                    MDS World Awareness Day – Preparations for 2015

We are preparing for MDS Day 2015.  Do contact us if you’d like to participate in any events around the country to mark this international awareness day for Myelodysplastic Syndromes.
See below for MDS day 2014 – in the UK and in other countries.

MDS World Awareness Day – 25th October 2014

MDS Patient Support Groups worldwide are preparing throughout this week to mark the day on Saturday, 25th October 2014.

In the UK, patients and relatives are making use of our busy Facebook page to post pictures, messages and facts about MDS.

In Ireland, our Irish group is holding a patient meeting on Saturday WP_20141020_007

In Germany, our colleagues are having a patient information day in Munich.






Spain is hosting a radio talk, and football game.

In the USA, the MDS Foundation will be hosting a twitter chat on Saturday, on behalf of the MDS Alliance, the newly created umbrella group for all MDS support groups worldwide.
Read more on this topic and see all our colleagues worldwide here: Worldwide MDS Groups

And more about previous World Awareness Days.

We will be posting pictures and messages over the next few days to illustrate events and patient contributions.
Please also check our Patient Stories page – being updated regularly: MDS Patient Stories.

Here are the first photos of our preparation day at King’s, attended by staff and patients.  We also displayed information from Delete Blood Cancer UK, Anthony Nolan, and Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research, and Leukaemia CARE.

Thank you to all who dropped by today and picked up their badges for the 25th October – MDS World Awareness Day.

On Friday 24th – we ask you to pay particular attention to a document we will be releasing together with Leukaemia CARE, about care and treatment of older MDS patients – a Call to Action – adressed to all who look after MDS patients.

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