Would you like to run for us? Help patients by raising awareness & money for 3 patients meetings!

This year, our charity MDS UK was lucky enough to have 2 runners in the 2017 London Marathon Alec Holah, brother in law of Gavin Hepburn, who passed away a year ago, and Kirsty Crozier, an MDS Clinical Nurse Specialist in Oxford and Member of the MDS Committee.

We took this opportunity to conduct several interviews about the marathon, our charity and what it means to work closely with us.

We thank each one of our interviewees deeply for their kind, dedicated, thoughtful and generous input. They are wonderful friends, very close to our dear charity.

"It's not just about raising money, it's raising awareness" Dan & Alec Holah

Russel Cook, Deputy Chairman and Head of Fundraising. He ran several marathons after his transplant for MDS

"More people will start to understand the illness"... "The charity is amazing" Olivia & Tilly Hepburn

"We will always want to work with the charity. I feel we need to keep that awareness going" Lisa Hepburn

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