MDS UK grows its team to increase its support to patients

The MDS UK Committee is pleased to welcome two new members to the charity team: Lizzie Marshall, and Chris Fryer.

Both Lizzie and Chris have experience in the Non-Profit and Charity Sector.

Lizzie is a trainee psychotherapist with a background in the performing arts. She works supporting vulnerable people with learning difficulties alongside her new role at MDS UK.

Working with Database Manager Chris Fryer, Lizzie provides administrative and database assistance to the charity. She often is the one to send out information packs to new members, to answer questions about navigating the website and online forums, and send out the booklets and leaflets you see in hospital waiting rooms.

Chris has spent most of my career working in the non-profit sector. He takes pride in applying his administrative and technological understanding into helping support families and help spread awareness of MDS.

The addition of these two new members will allow us to keep providing our services to an increasing number of patients and their families.

Welcome on board Lizzie and Chris!

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