Is it safe to go to hospital? An update for MDS patients on their treatment during Covid

NHS services are gradually returning back to some normality

However it won’t be quite the same as pre-covid times.

We asked the MDS experts to explain what patients may expect in the weeks and months to come.

And – to remind all patients that despite covid, isolation, shielding  and perhaps not seeing your usual clinical teams, it is still VERY important to communicate any changes in symptoms to the relevant clinicians.

Teams are there to assist and treat.

It is safe to attend hospital.

There are Covid free zones and hubs set up to ensure all risks are minimised as much as possible.

Please do not ignore symptoms, do not delay contacting the GP, nurses, haematologist, or A&E if the need arises.

It is safe to attend hospital.

Watch our clip with Prof Bowen explaining what to expect regarding your MDS treatment

Many thanks to Prof Bowen, and all haematology teams across the UK for their great care in such difficult times.

Keep safe, stay well – physically and emotionally!

MDS UK team

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