Reginald Hall's story is an uplifting one. Reginald is an MDS patient who has been a member of MDS UK Patient Support group for quite some time. Lately we received a couple of letters from him and he allowed us to share them with our members on the website.

Reginald Hall, his wife Dorothy & The Queen at their 70th Anniversary

Reginald Hall with his wife Dorothy and The Queen - at their 70th Anniversary

I still do all the cooking, trying to keep the place a bit tidy and sorting everything else out

We received Reginald's first letter on the post, after he received MDS UK Newsletter, and it came with a £100 donation. In the letter, Reginald said:

My sincere “THANKS” to you and all the staff for the newsletters, our chats on the phone with all the advice and help you have given me.

I am still sorry to say, due to my poor health and invalid wife it is impossible to attend any of the meetings, I wish I could, as we don’t have the chance to get out of these four walls. I have just had another fall in fact two months ago, the bruises have just about gone, but I still have a bump on my head but all the doctors can’t decide what to do.

My wife Dorothy has just had a birthday, so we are now both 95 and 73 years married. We do have a cleaner, hairdresser and chiropodist come to our bungalow, but I still do all the cooking etc. trying to keep the place a bit tidy and sorting everything else out, it is hard work although my wife has a carer morning and evening. I still have lots to do, she has a walker in the bungalow and a wheelchair when off to the day centre twice a week. Sorry about the moaning and many THANKS to all concerned.

Reginald Hall's Letter Page 1
Reginald Hall letter page 2

Reginald Amazing Kindness

Immensely grateful to Reginald for his words and his unexpected donation, we replied with a note. A short time afterwards we were amazed to find yet another letter from Reginald on our post box, with an extra £100. Reginald said in his second letter:

I hope that you and the staff are keeping free from coughs and colds. The two photos are from our 70th wedding anniversary, we now have 3 lovely photos of the Queen, the other is one I picked up while sorting them all, its memories of my conscript call when I tried to join the Air Force, but was told “No”, it’s the pits for you or a term in jail, very dangerous. We have been marching at the Albenas arboretum with all the veterans for many years and we are very friendly with the organizer and admirals, many Lords, etc.

I think again that your idea of printing things and photos is a really nice idea “THANK YOU”

You deserve another donation. We are not rich, but it goes to a deserving cause.

We are pleased you agreed to share these lovely pictures in our next newsletter and website. Thank you again for entrusting the pictures to us for a short while.

Your words in both letters are lovely and touching, and for sure positive and encouraging for other patients.

Congratulations again to your 73 years of marriage! Marvellous and inspirational. Do look out for this in our next newsletter. In the meantime, we will feature you on the website – do tell your friends and family!

Thanks you again for your donations and support.

Reginald Hall's Letter 2 Page 1
Reginald Hall's Letter 2 Page 1
Reginald Hall letter 2 page 2

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