Evie McClean is a young member of the MDS UK Patient Support Group. In July 2014, when she was 8 years old, Evie was diagnosed with leukemia. After 4 months of chemo she had 6 month of remission, but then she became ill again.

In July 2015 she was diagnosed with MDS and bravely endured more bouts of chemo. In November 2015 Evie received a bone marrow transplant.

Very sadly, after being well for some months, in August this year her mother, Nicki McClean, was given the devastating news her daughter would need another transplant after she was diagnosed with leukaemia once more.

She had a second transplant on 22nd December 2017, Evie’s 12th birthday.


Evie at Royal Marsden Hospital

Evie and her mum Nickie

Evie tells in this video about her previous transplant in November 2015

70 percent of those needing a bone marrow transplant using donor stem cells are unable to have one because a suitable bone marrow donor cannot be found

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