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"Out of Shape" by our friend and long-term MDS patient advocate from Germany, Bergit Kuhle, tells her story of life after an MDS diagnosis. In the book she describes her experience of living with the disease, her coping strategies as well as her work as a patient advocate.

It is also an invaluable source of information for patients, as Bergit tells of her 15 years with MDS, and how the understanding of the disease has evolved, while remaining still, an incurable disease.


If you would like to read “Out of Shape”, please email membership@mdspatientsupport.org.uk

The book is completely free of charge, but if you wish to support MDS UK work and activities, we'll gratefully accept any donations, however big or small.

Comments by patients who'd read the book:

Dear Caroline, thank you for sending the book. It was a stimulating and refreshing read which can only be of great and lasting benefit to all MDS patients what ever stage they are at in the disease process.

To cover a little of the costs I have made a donation through just giving. Hope you can get the tax back before the government runs out of money.

Best regards,



Dear Sophie

I have just finished reading the above publication for the 2nd time in the past week.
The reason I have read it twice is because I found it a fascinating read, and just in case I missed something the first time.

I was able to relate to all the problems the author is going through and it shows that we all have the same experience’s whether it is trips to see consultants, the medication we have to take day in day out.

I can relate to the feeling of continuous pains throughout the body, the lack of energy and always being at the back unable to keep up and in my case being unable to hold down a conversation while walking as every breath is needed just to carry on walking.

Every sufferer from MDS and there families must make a point of getting hold of the publication and reading it fully and keep it for future reference, I have highlighted and marked pages that refer directly to me and ones I feel I may need in years to come God willing.

Please pass on this email to the author as I feel she needs to know what an impact it has on our lives and how helpful it is a guide and reference.

Many Thanks. Please Stay Safe

Michael Bower

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