“One of the biggest challenges for a patient is they’ve never heard of MDS” says Prof David Bowen

In the first video of this series, Prof. David Bowen – Consultant Haematologist at St James University Hospital, Leeds talks to Sophie Wintrich, Chief Executive of the MDS UK Patient Support Group, about how important it is to be a well-informed patient. Watch the video and read the excerpts below.

What are the typical issues when you first diagnose a patient with MDS?

What difference does it make to you personally - in your daily consultations – to have a well-informed or empowered patient? Benefits/drawbacks?

"If the patient has some idea about what MDS is and they come with a set of questions from their own readings, that is a useful framework to find the details that are specific to them.
I usually use the MDS Patients Support Booklet... I mark the booklet and the sections that are relevant to them..." Prof. David Bowen

How important is it to have a treatment plan for MDS? Why?

How do you address and explore quality of life issues with patients and their families?

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