Make Blood Cancer Visible: The Patient Stories

Why are we campaigning to Make Blood Cancer Visible?

September is blood cancer awareness month and we are working together to #MakeBloodCancerVisible.

Blood cancer affects 240,000 adults and children in the UK and claims more lives each year than either breast or prostate cancer. Yet, blood cancer does not get the priority and recognition it deserves. (See full information article in Bloodwise)

During September, we are calling on governments in the UK to make blood cancer a priority, starting with clear long-term commitments in their next cancer plan.

Make Blood Cancer Visible - The Patients Stories

Help us Campaign to Make Blood Cancer - and Myelodysplastic Syndromes - Visible

For MDS in particular, and other rare forms of blood cancer, the campaign helps to make them known among the general public, so that MDS patients and carers, as well as doctors and nurses get to know the disease and its effects better.

The Make Blood Cancer Visible installation, in Edinburgh this weekend, features 10 life-sized transparent figures, which represent the ‘unseen’ or invisible nature of blood cancer, and engages passers-by while encouraging them to show their support for the campaign.

Each of the figures shares the individual experience of those living with blood cancer through audio stories, making them seen and heard.

The following slideshows, showing images, audio files and quotes, and the Audio Stories try to capture the spirit of the installation.

Please share them on Facebook and Twitter, send emails and messages to your friends and family and help us #MakeBloodCancerVisible this September and onwards.

Make Blood Cancer Visible - September 2018

We thank Janssen UK for sponsoring this work and making this awareness campaign possible. Without their help and organization, this type of work would not have been possible.

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