Make Blood Cancer Visible 2018 coverage from Manchester

“The Make Blood Cancer Visible campaign, this week was set up in Manchester From the 17th – 22th Sept

Make Blood Cancer Visible 2018 Installation

The pharmaceutical company Janssen has put together an amazing installation of transparent, motion-activated human figures which creatively represent the ‘unseen’ or invisible nature of blood cancer. The figures share real-life stories from people with blood cancer, in their own voices, encouraging passers-by to listen to their experiences and to show their support for the campaign.

Hear below the voices of real patients, taken from the audio on the exhibits:

Sandy: Blood cancer is very hard, I find it hard to describe both to myself and to my friends and family.

Carmen: I look okay to the outside world, but in the inside my body is trying to kill me. Just because I look good today and I feel fine doesn’t mean I'm okay.

Debbie: I avoided going to the doctors. I'd got the symptoms and I knew there was something wrong, I just put it off.

Claudia: Even now nine years later, the enormity of a very uncertain future can be quite overwhelming.

Debbie: I always thought I was a strong person anyway, but I think now I really know what strong is.

Carmen: And I think our bodies are really powerful. In some way they will find, if you're really lucky, a way of regenerating, so I'm really lucky that I'm in remission now.

Debbie: I discovered that the more I shared the better I felt.

Take a look at the many photos and reactions of the public to this exhibit – and read all about the launch of the campaign on the London

Photos from the Manchester Installation

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We thank Janssen UK for sponsoring this work and making this awareness campaign possible. Without their help and organization, this type of work would not have been possible.

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