Patient and relatives/carers experiences

We feature here the experiences of real MDS patients and their families. They have been willing to share with us their stories and photos, in the hope that fellow patients will find it helpful to read how they have learned to live with the disease.

Although each person with MDS will cope in their own unique way, stories offer a bridge between the technical, rational world of scientific practice and the life of patients. All medical details shared in these stories have been vetted for clinical accuracy.

Please do send us your contribution – whether you are a patient, family member or friend by email or call to our main office Tel: 020 7733 7558.

Margaret Shepherd

Margaret Shepherd

This is the contribution from a loving daughter, who looked after her Mum.  This was written to help other family members or patients to prepare themselves when it is established that nothing else can be done – or if a patient has decided they do not wish to undergo any further treatment.It is written in […]

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