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We plan in due course to publish here the results of all clinical trials relevant to MDS patients.

Please have a look at the following page to learn more about how Clinical Trials are designed, and their different phases.

Satisfactory results in a number of clinical trials are essential before a new treatment can be recommended by a regulatory body such as NICE, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, responsible for recommending the use of new medicines and treatments within the NHS.

Not all clinical trials will result in new and better treatment. Some will discover that the treatment being tested does not work, or is no better than an existing, established treatment. But this information is also useful for researchers and doctors, as well as patients.

All the results listed in this page will be properly vetted for scientific accuracy.

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  1. SUBTYPE OF MDS: Chronic myelomonocytc leukaemia (CMML)
  2. SEVERITY OF MDS: CMML specific prognostic score (CPSS) Intermediate-2 or high risk
  3. NAME OF DRUG: Tefinostat, a histone deacetylase inhibitor that targets monocytes. Tefinostat will be administered orally on a continuous basis for at least 6 cycles each 28 days in length.
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  1. SUB-TYPE OF MDS: IPSS-R and ring sideroblasts
  2. SEVERITY OF MDS: Low or Intermediate
  3. NAME OF DRUG: Luspatercept, a protein found to promote red blood cell formation by regulating the growth of red blood cells during the late-stage of their development. It works differently to erythropoietin.
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