Lateral Flow and PCR tests to remain free of charge for vulnerable patients after 1st April 2022

Sajid Javid announced today (03/03/22) that Lateral Flow Tests and PCR tests will remain free of charge for vulnerable patients after 1st April 2022.
All blood cancer charities are now requesting clarifications about which patient groups exactly will be entitled to the free tests.
We are also calling for free tests for friends, families and employers of vulnerable individuals.

If you are using Twitter, or your friends and families are, please support our twitter posts.

This is very important as we need maximum visibility for MDS.

Do also feel free to contact your MP, stating that:

  • you require access to free LFT and PCR tests, for family/friends
  • NHS Digital and NHS England MUST include MDS in the extremely vulnerable cohorts, to ensure all MDS patients receive all necessary information for their care, directly from the NHS, and not from a GP or local hospital.

For those on Twitter, our colleagues from Blood Cancer UK sourced the announcement by Sajid Javid:

Please know we are continuing to communicate with NHSE to improve the situation on both vaccination and treatment

Having issues accessing PCR kits for potential COVID-19 antibody treatments?

  1. Ask your GP to send you this letter:
  2. Call 119 for advice, selecting the option for Test & Trace:
    > if you have not received a PCR test by 10 January 2022 Classification
    > or you develop symptoms before your PCR test arrives or
    > or you lose your PCR test or it has any damage or missing parts

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