How do COVID-19 vaccines work? Watch these animations!

Why Must You Get Vaccinated? 'Family Guy' Explains In Viral Video

A global vaccination drive against Covid-19 is underway, with governments, scientific experts, epidemiologists, and voluntary organisations all trying to get as many people immunised as possible. However, vaccine-hesitancy is still being noted among many people.

So, the makers of the hit animated series Family Guy have produced a public service announcement and raise awareness about the vaccination campaign, and shared their three minute video on their official account on Twitter. Share this on your social media accounts and spread the science in very simple words!

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How do the Pfizer/BioNTech or Moderna mRNA vaccines work? Dr. Rob Swanda explains it all

Dr. Rob Swanda gives a brief overview of how the Pfizer/BioNTech or Moderna mRNA vaccines work.

He says in his YouTube Channel

There is a lot more information I wanted to cover, such as the immunity length over time, side effects, and non-mRNA vaccine technologies. We could discuss this for hours. But, the focus here is on the technology itself.

I do use some technical terms, please find them defined below. Im happy to hear questions and comments. Thank you for taking a little time to learn about RNA! 🧬

(technical terms: 3’UTR/5’UTR = untranslated regions of the mRNA that do not code for the protein but aid in stability. Lipid = fat molecule. Ribosome = cell machinery that makes proteins from mRNA. Macrophage = a white blood cell in our body that responds to infection. Antigen = foreign protein that antibodies detect.)

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