Guardian seeks cancer patient contributions

The Guardian newspaper is calling for cancer patients to share their experience of life after cancer.

Please do consider submitting your story – as it will help raise awareness of MDS amongst the general population and possibly GP’s.  This is a great opportunity to reach main stream media.
Please find article below – and link to actual Guardian page/website.
Thank you.

Living with cancer: how has it changed your life?
Share your photographs, videos and stories of life following cancer and its treatment

There are two million people living with or beyond cancer in the UK. This figure is set to rise to four million by 2030, according to Macmillan. With improved diagnosis and the different types of treatment and care available, more people than ever are surviving cancer.

But the impact of the disease does not stop when treatment is over. The long-term effects of cancer and its treatment are many and varied. For some, cancer and/or its treatment can trigger physical changes. For others, the experience can render them unable to work or return to the life they had pre-cancer. It can lead people to a shift in priorities, bring new insights, or cause them to live a completely different life.

As part of our series on living with cancer, we’re asking anyone who has experienced it to share their photos, videos and stories.

We’d like to know how your life has changed since you were diagnosed with cancer. Did you take that holiday you always dreamed of? Have you met anyone new who has had an impact on you? Are you spending more time with family or friends? Have you taken up a new hobby? Or have you got a new job?

To help us tell your story and give people a glimpse into a life affected by the disease, please share a photo, a video and/or some text to describe your post-cancer experience. As space is limited, please tell us about one particular experience that has changed your life significantly.

Click on link below to access the article online – and submit your story:

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