Cabbage Patch Race and a Surprise Choir for MDS Awareness Day 2018!

MDS UK and the Iconic Cabbage Patch 10 Mile Race

By Russell Cook, runner, ex-MDS Patient and Deputy Chairman Trustee & Director of MDS UK Patient Support Group

Sunday 14 October saw MDS UK represented at the iconic Cabbage Patch 10 mile race. You are probably wondering why it’s got such a funny name! Well, it’s named after the Cabbage Patch Pub in Twickenham, a well-known haunt of anybody who is a rugby fan going to the world-famous Stadium. The race itself was originally set up by the owners of the Cabbage Patch Pub and is almost as old as the world-famous London Marathon. It’s had some pretty significant winners too! Sir Mo Farah, no less, back in the day!

The race starts in the centre of Twickenham and heads out towards Richmond with some very pleasant sections along by the river. It’s quite flat and fast which is probably why it appeals to so many club runners. Apart from the first half mile or so, where the runners pretty much take over the roads, most of the race is held on open roads and paths! Although I can testify that traffic is not really a problem! One of the intriguing prizes at this event is the presentation of enormous cabbages to the winners! Often with some fairly amazed looks on the athletes faces!

This year, under the patronage of Caitlin Limmer, who also passes for race director of CB10, MDS UK had a team of 20 runners.

Against a background of torrential rain all managed the 10 mile course in a wide range of times. There is a great vibe to this race, it’s very community orientated, and it’s very popular with committed club runners as well as fun runners (and not forgetting old codgers like me….). It’s extremely well organised and this year there were over 140 marshals stood in pouring rain with enormous smiles on their faces urging on the athletes. I can only say what an enormously enthusiastic and committed bunch they were too! Many of them are members of the Bearcats Running Club and Stragglers Running Club. Bearcats have supported MDS UK through thick and thin over the last three years. We owe them an enormous debt of gratitude.

This is the third year that MDS UK have had a big presence and it’s now our ‘signature’ event. This year we hope to raise enough money that we can comfortably cover the cost of a patient forum meeting and ultimately we hope to add to our vision of supporting research into MDS.

In 2019, we will be there again and hope that we can encourage family members, if not the actual patients, to come along, support MDS UK and enjoy the day.

Catch up here on some of the testimonies from our amazing runners and the best pictures of the Team MDS runners in action

Most of the pics were taken by our dear Ian Trowbridge, who was able to get along to the Cabbage Patch 10 race and take photos and support the runners, near Ham House. Thanks so much Ian!

What do our runners say?

Eva Boyd and Ken Pearson:

A fantastically well organised event with many supportive people and encouraging marshalls right round the course. The weather was pretty grim but it didn't spoil the race and finishing definitely felt like an achievement! It was a real privilege to be involved with MDS UK and we would both be more than happy to fundraise again for this wonderful charity.

Joseph Ogbonna:

Great cause to support. Warm reception from MDS Patient Support team, in the form of Sophie who seemed to be everywhere with her smile. Fantastic race atmosphere with runner camaraderie enroute and the singing at the end topping it all.

Owain John:

When a loved one was diagnosed with the rare disease MDS, a condition about which my family and I (and countless others) had previously not heard, it was difficult to know where to turn for information. In addition to the first-class care and support provided by the haematology unit at the University Hospital of Wales, we have found the information provided by MDS UK, through its patient handbook, newsletter and website, to be invaluable. The charity's work, both in promoting knowledge of MDS and in supporting patients and their families, is truly inspirational. I'd like to think that the funds I raise as a result of running the Cabbage Patch 10 will represent a small but helpful contribution to its ongoing efforts.

Cabbage Patch Run 2018: The Best Pics!

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