Be our hero! Fundraise for MDS UK

About 20for20

The #20for20 Campaign Still Needs You! The campaign has been extended till the 31st of December

MDS UK is taking part in the 20for20 Campaign with other rare cancer charities impacted by the Covid19 pandemic. The campaign is now in full swing and we are doing very well!

Simply complete one “20” themed challenge a day for 20 days between now and December 31st and encourage friends and family to sponsor you. This means you can start now if you wish! All funds you raise will go directly to MDS UK!

The challenges DO NOT have to be fitness based. We have 35 participants doing everything from cooking to painting to poetry! (See “20for20 challenge ideas” below for more suggestions and “Participants” to see what everyone’s doing.)

Please join us if you can. There’s no minimum financial target and we need as many participants as possible to help ensure that “cancer doesn’t stop for Covid!”

To join:

  • Let Jan know you’d like to participate by emailing
  • Set up your JustGiving page by clicking here Then click on the orange “Start fundraising” tab.
  • Download your printable calendars to fill in your 20 challenges (see “Calendars” below)
  • Share your JustGiving page with friends and family using #20for20 via email/ Whatsapp/ social media so they can donate to your challenge!

To donate:

If you’d prefer to simply donate to the challenge, you can do so to our collective by clicking here:

You can also donate to individual #20for20 participants by going to their individual JustGiving pages!

20 20:20 Covid Friendly Fundraising Ideas

  • 20 minutes of knitting per day for 20 days
  • Walking 20 minutes a day for 20 days
  • Selling 20 2nd hand books till the 20th of November
  • Invite 20 friends to a Fundraising Quiz Night on Zoom
  • Selling 20 random items till the 20th of November
  • Surviving 20 days without chocolate challenge
  • Taking 20 pictures of my dog in 20 days
  • Running 20 miles till the 20th of November
  • Learn to crochet in 20 days challenge
  • Invite 20 friends to a Fundraising Dance Lesson on Zoom
  • Baking 20 cakes for sale in 20 days
  • Posting 20 facts about MDS on Facebook challenge
  • Invite 20 friends to a Fundraising Book Club Evening on Zoom
  • Making 20 cards for sale in 20 days
  • 20 minutes a day of colouring mandalas for 20 days
  • Invite 20 friends to a Fundraising Auction on Zoom
  • Surviving 20 days without beer challenge
  • Cycling 20 miles 20 times till the 20th of November
  • Reading 20 books till the 20th of November challenge
  • Invite 20 friends to a Fundraising Singing Lesson on Zoom


Please see below the blank calendar for you to fill out your 20 challenges and a suggestions calendar if you’re stuck for ideas. Simply click on the images to download your printable calendars.

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