Memory Loss

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Memory Loss

Post by JDCBN44 » 31 Jul 2018 19:59

Hello I have just joined the MDS Forum never used a forum before so please be patient.
I was diagnosed with MDS 1 year ago and I am having serious memory and confusion problems has anyone else had similar problems.
I have had various vascular problems before MDS diagnosis ie Heart Attach DVT and pace maker not sure if it could be vascular dementia. My consultant doesnt think there is a link with MDS but if my red blood cell count is low would that not affect my brain processing thoughts etc in some way. Has anyone had similar problems. Or maybe its just old age but I am only 77 ha ha!!!
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Re: Memory Loss

Post by christina » 06 Aug 2018 13:12

Hi John hard to know when you're over 70 if things like memory loss are because we are getting older or the effects of mds however I think low hb doesn't help, also side effects of medication , I play bridge and do everything I can to use my brain while also keeping physically fit, not always easy, don't think we should get stressed by it just enjoy every day, I was diagnosed in 2009 and have been very active for all of those years living a normal life helped by medication and the wonderful doctors and nursing staff at King's, best wishes and good luck Christina
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