Rex Birch - mds from a patients perspective

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Rex Birch - mds from a patients perspective

Post by MDSAdmin » 27 Nov 2008 09:11

This link is dedicated to the late Rex Birch- a lot of other useful stuff here from a non-doctors perspective.
Please use updated link:

I contacted Ian, Rex's son asking if we could use the material here ... his reply was:
I would be more than happy for you to make use of the material as you suggest - but I'm sure that some of it (i.e. the treatment-related content) is probably rather out of date by now - it was last updated some time ago and some still dates from 2001. However, I am sure much of the remainder still holds good. Certainly I receive the occasional 'thank you' email from people for keeping the site going, who seem to gain some benefit from it; the majority of those are, of course from the USA, where doctors seem loath to give their patients a clear view on their condition.

I had a quick look at your draft site and would be happy to offer my services to review it if you wish?
Anyone able to review this link and suggest any changes to bring it up to date?
This link is now updated:
Thank you
Patient Liaison - 15th Aug 2011
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