Diabetes and mds

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Diabetes and mds

Post by Birdman » 14 Sep 2016 15:18

I have type 2 diabetes treated with insulin diagnosed some years before mds came on the scene and until recently it was quite easy to maintain good blood sugar control, but recently my mds changed and I am now taking a daily dose of hyrdrocarbamide and my blood sugar results are all over the place. Has anyone had a similar experience and were they able to regain control? I don't want to suffer any more damage than I have already.
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Re: Diabetes and mds

Post by CWDN32 » 13 Aug 2018 23:13

I too have type 2 diabetes, but my metformin was reduced in hospital when I was admitted for severe anaemia. This was the first I knew anything was wrong I'd had to ring my surgery feeling so ill, but I have been diagnosed last Wednesday with mds, but I've been receiving blood transfusions fortnightly, I'm also on glimeperide and victosa pen injection which is once a day, I found with my blood transfusions my blood sugar lowered, hence the reduction in metformin, I was on 2 500mg twice a day if that is of any help, I was offered the victosa or insulin and explained the pros and cons, I decided on victosa for the fact it's once a day, but you have to show you've lost weight within the first 6 months or they don't keep you on it. But I've never religiously checked my blood sugar, when I have its been acceptable so it's not been of concern good luck on control of your blood sugar x ☺
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