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Post by MargaretAnn » 25 Apr 2014 15:39

Can any one tell me what RCMD stands for[
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Post by chris » 25 Apr 2014 17:13

Dear Margaret

It stands for Refractory cytopenia with multilineage dysplasia (RCMD). It means that more than one of your types of blood cells ( red, white and platelets) is affected by Myelodysplasia - i.e. a funny shape. Depending on which ones are affected you could be:

anaemic (and fatigued)
and/or be prone to getting infections
and/or bleed/bruise easily.

If you go to the What is MDS? tab on this site and look at the MDS foundation material, there is a pdf file with lots of information.

Please ring Sophie Wintrich if you need any more information or ask your doctor or clinical nurse specialist at the hospital

Best wishes

Chris. (F) Age 71(2021). MDS diagnosed in 2008. Sub-type CMML-1 but with anomalies! Normal-ish red cells, low white cells and platelets, slightly raised monocytes. Enlarged spleen. No current treatment - active monitoring 3-monthly.SE Essex
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Post by MargaretAnn » 25 Apr 2014 18:41

Thank you Chris for the information, I will investigate further .
You are a star thank you again
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Post by sophie » 02 May 2014 14:51

Hi MargaretAnn,
Please do call us if you have questions - we are always happy to answer any of these questions.
That's what we are here for :)

Also - I will move your post to the correct folder (Comments and issues on MDS), as the folder you posted in is purely for Travel Insurance issues. This is just to help keep information clear and easy to find for everyone.

Hope to speak to you soon.
All the best,
Sophie - Patient Liaison
For any queries:
Call 0207 733 7558

Please do not send me PM messages on this forum - I do not check it often.
This forum is purely for patient to patient communications. Thanks for your help.
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