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Re: Travel insurance

Post by Bronte » 18 Apr 2011 16:41

We insured via Columbus Direct and selected an Annual Worldwide Multi Trip Gold Policy.
I rang rather than apply apply on line. The medical condition was listed under Myelodsplasia and they asked the following questions :
Are you awaiting further treatment(including surgery) for this condition ?
Are you awaiting investigations or specialist referral ?
Are you currently undergoing chemotherapy or have completed chemotherapy within the last 3 months?
Are you undergoing or have completed radiotherapy within the last month?
Do you regularly take a Morphine based pain killer or other strong pain relief?
How frequently do you undergo a medical review for this condition ?
How many transfusions have you required within the last year ?
When were you last admitted overnight to hospital or a hospice for this medical condition ?
It is now listed as a medical endorsement and Myelodsplasia is covered, so long as we keep them updated of any changes.

I hope this link is of help :
COLUMBUS DIRECT - website - listed under pre existing medical conditions.
Hotline 0870 033 9988
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Re: Travel insurance

Post by sophie » 02 Aug 2011 20:58

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